Why Portugal

2017 Global Peace Index


Here's why Portugal has been claimed as one of the top countries to live or invest

Safety: one of the safest places in the world (3rd, in 2017 Global Peace Index ranking ). 

Affordable cost of living: the cost of living in Portugal is among the lowest in Western Europe , on average 30% lower than in
any other country in the region.

Prime world location: Portugal has a convenient location on the west 
coast of Europe and at the convergence of 3 major continents, making 
working schedules easier relatively to other time zones and a privileged
business platform for East and West. Portugal is also an excellent entry
point for foreigns looking to get into the European Union.

Infrastructures: Portugal is well known for having one of the most
advanced communication systems, ranking 7th in fastest broadband
speed and 9th in price (ITIF Broadband Rankings).
Regarding air, sea or land transportation, there are many daily passenger
and cargo flights from Portugal to the major world cities and hubs. 

Healthcare facilities have high quality and are very affordable.

Booming touristic industry: one of the major touristic regions in Europe due to its affordability, gastronomy, prime beaches, beautiful landscape, and rich cultural diversity.

An emerging market in residential, commercial and refurbishing developments, making the real estate a great opportunity
for every investor worldwide.

Undervalued property market and among the most affordable in Europe. Portugal has one of the most favorable price-to-rent ratios (a measure of the profitability of owning a house) and price-to-income ratios (a measure of affordability) in the regions. What that means is housing is cheaper to buy, and investors can make more money from rentals than in many other European countries.

The quality of Life: Portugal is not only a safe and good country to invest but also a most desirable place to live, to visit and
to enjoy. Environmentally responsible, blessed by nature and weather and a varied of leisures and sports activities, the country attracts visitors and significant tourism investments. The light is absolutely amazing, the sunsets at sea are incredibly beautiful, and people is very friendly and relaxed.

Great cultural diversity:  an extensive list of Unesco World Heritage Sites, picturesque towns, and rustic  villages , the oldest
wine region in the world ( Douro Valley ), a diverse and beautiful landscape and FADO (traditional music awarded by UNESCO "intangible cultural heritage of humanity"). 

Rich and healthy Mediterranean diet with great emphasis on fresh and rich seafood .
Best beaches in the world: extensive sandy and blue water beaches in the Algarve Region, with 100 miles
of coastline with spectacular views, all of them with blue flags (awarded by European Blue Flag Association). 

Best golf destination: also in the Algarve region, generally recognized as a top golf destination in continental Europe
and some would say in the world. In the Algarve, there are around 40 golf courses from a total of
approximately 80 golf courses distributed by Lisbon, Porto, Madeira & Azores. 

Weather: an amazing and stable weather with 220 days of sunshine, especially in Lisbon and in the south with more than
3000 hours of the sunshine per year (3,300 hours of the sunshine per year in the Algarve region).


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