Gate to Portugal Investments offers our international customers all the support to buy real estate in Portugal, in agreement with "Golden Visa" and "Non-Habitual Resident" program's requirements.

We offer a complete set of services, creating a custom plan for your particular needs. Beginning in your first

Portugal's visit, and along with our real estate partners we can help you navigate through each step of choosing a property.

We work with legal advisers experienced in dealing with "Golden Visa" and "NHR" international customers. We introduce you to the qualified professionals to assist you in any legal and technical matters related to the buying process.

You can count on us with honesty, trust, and determination to find out the best solution to your requests.
Our primary goal is to look for an optimal relationship with our customers and get them a relaxed and peace of mind in this overall process.

Please, get to know us and our dedicated and personalized services.

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